Equipment and Supplies, Finland

Equipment and Supplies Finland Companies Worldwide
  • Produces laminating machines and films.
  • Offers laminating equipment and lamination supplies.
  • Manufacturer of pressure sensitive and photo lamination films as well as films with glossy effects.
  • UK based online supplier of laminating pouches and laminators.
  • Laminators and Laminator supplies as well as binding machines.
  • Laminators and laminate, rotary trimmers, pouch and roll laminators and supplies for commercial or personal use.
  • Manufacturer of laminating film, laminators, PVC film, and a variety of roll film and packet sizes.
  • Production of printable, plastisol (P.V.C.) spread for paper or cardboard to increase durability.
  • Supplier of laminates, adhesives, inkjet materials, laminating equipment, and accessories.
  • Suppliers of small and wide format laminating systems, supplies, cutters and binding systems.
  • Foliant distributor of industrial laminating machines for the UK and Ireland.
  • Offers laminating and binding machines, pouches and rolls, accessories and supplies. Online shopping and services provided.
  • Manufacturers laminators, laminating pouch film, roll film, PVC cover, luminescent film and paper cutters.
  • Offering GBC and IBICO binding machines, pouch laminators and supplies.