Exchange-Traded Funds, Finland

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  • Investment information for over 50 ETF index funds.
  • Managers of the extensive line of active and passively-managed PowerShares exchange-traded funds. Offers product information and tools.
  • Exchange-traded funds offered by ALPS Inc., like the Cohen
  • ETF offerings of Profunds, Inc. Known for their Short, Ultra (leveraged) and UltraShort (leveraged and short) products.
  • Provides an extensive line of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), including fundamentally weighted, sector and currency funds. Offers a 401(k) plan.
  • Tools for building and managing ETF portfolios (e.g., rebalancing, alerts and asset allocation). Nearly all available ETFs are categorized into 11 asset classes.
  • Learn about ETFs and the many benefits they have over other regular assets.
  • Actively-managed exchange traded funds managed by AlphaPro, a subsidiary of BetaPro Management (Canada).