Book Jobbers, Finland

Book Jobbers Finland Companies Worldwide
  • Provides book acquisitions, collection development, and physical processing services to libraries.
  • Provides professional, technical, business and medical book acquisition services to libraries and the corporations.
  • Provides companies with a rotating selection of business and professional books for their employees.
  • Distributor of books and audio-visual materials to the library and medical markets.
  • Distributor of books to schools and public libraries.
  • Supplier of US and Canadian books and bibliographic support products to academic, research and public libraries throughout the world.
  • Sells books and value added services to public libraries, public and private schools worldwide.
  • Provides libraries with acquisitions and collection development services.
  • Provides audiobook leasing and rental services.
  • Offers book acquisitions and subscriptions services to libraries.
  • Provides book acquisitions and collection development services to academic libraries and corporations.
  • Supplier of books and publications to the professional academic, corporate and public library markets throughout the world.
  • Offers audio book leasing for libraries.
  • Canadian library wholesaler of print and audio-visual materials. Shelf-ready processing services include cataloguing, spine labels, barcodes, security strips, and dust
  • Offers used steel cantilever library shelving and collections of used academic books and periodicals.
  • Supplies multimedia, books, and related information services to libraries and retailers.
  • Wholesaler of North American and UK titles to academic, research and public libraries worldwide. Provides value-added services to aid collection development, such as