Viatical and Senior Settlements, Finland

Viatical and Senior Settlements Finland Companies Worldwide
  • Purchasers of viatical and senior settlements, also offers policy loans. Site features news, testimonials, FAQ, and an information request form. Domiciled in Indiana;
  • Purchasers of viatical and life settlements nationwide. Domiciled in New Jersey.
  • Provides brokerage for viatical and senior settlements. Domiciled and licensed in North Carolina.
  • Purchaser of life insurance policies for either viatical or life settlements. Domiciled in New York.
  • Purchasers of life insurance policies in both viatical and senior settlements. Domiciled in Texas.
  • Licensed viatical provider offers viatical settlements for the terminally ill and senior settlements for the elderly. Domiciled in Florida.
  • Broker of viatical and senior settlement transactions. Located in New York, but licensed in Florida.
  • Offers to buy life insurance contracts of cancer victims and other terminally ill policyholders not suffering from HIV or AIDS. Company is located in New Jersey but is
  • Attorney-owned viatical and life settlement company. Located in Virginia and licensed in most states.
  • Florida life settlements broker provides free life insurance policy appraisals throughout the USA.
  • Firm purchases qualified life insurance policies from seniors. Company is based in Ohio but is active throughout the USA.
  • UK based market maker for German second hand endowment policies offering institutional investors access to German traded endowment policies (TEPs).
  • Offers life settlement services aimed at senior citizens.
  • A non-profit trade association for members of the viatical and life settlement industry. Also offers consumer education, state regulatory information, and industry
  • A life settlement provider. Offers detailed information on the life settlement process.
  • A life settlement intermediary, specializing in helping retiring business owners sell company owned life insurance policies.
  • A life settlement broker featuring an automated transaction platform. Additional features include instant response appraisals and a life settlement index which measures
  • Sets standards for the European life settlement industry and promotes transparency by providing accurate, authoritative information to retail and institutional investors.