Electronic Cash, Finland

Electronic Cash Finland Companies Worldwide
  • Provides electronic banking services through the Federal Reserve Banking System.
  • Provider of financial electronic commerce services.
  • Promotes use and understanding of electronic payments, specifically the ACH.
  • Use to shop online at participating websites.
  • Offers online, global and mobile payment solutions, international payment distribution and multi-currency transaction processing services.
  • Offers a reloadable shopping card designed for parents to help teens budget wisely.
  • A subsidiary of the New York Clearing House, CHIPS is a bank-owned competitor to FedWire.
  • Online payment service for individuals and merchants. Allows users to send money and bills to anyone with e-mail.
  • System promotes global visibility of cash and treasury, risks and payment, and secure end-to-end tracking and control of financial flows.
  • Provider electronic gift, loyalty, corporate and prepaid card services.
  • Secure, IP-based stored value platform enables two or more parties to transact business over the Internet.
  • Cashless payment system enables members to make small purchases without cash or coins.
  • Develops and licenses secure, efficient interoperable payment systems.
  • A virtual card for online payments.
  • Warns PayPal users of their service policies. Collects and publishes complaints about Paypal.
  • Designs, develops, markets, and supports client/server products for electronic payments. (Nasdaq: FNDT).
  • A service for individuals and merchants to send and receive money online using an E-mail address or payment buttons.