Customized Power Supplies, Finland

Customized Power Supplies Finland Companies Worldwide
  • Designs and manufactures DC-DC converters, DC-AC inverters, frequency and phase converters, and MPPT power supplies.
  • Suppliers of high voltage, high current, and high power amplifiers for industrial applications. Selection guide, specifications, and price list provided.
  • Specializes in the manufacturing of high reliability custom power supplies for the commercial, industrial, military, medical, and avionics markets.
  • Specialized in designing and manufacturing custom power supplies suited to customers needs.
  • Manufactures low-voltage LED light strips, custom power supplies, UPS, battery chargers and power converters, for consumer, military, medical, communications, and
  • German manufacturer of high and low voltage power supplies for science and industry. Site in English and German and includes product photos and specifications.
  • Manufactures custom power supply solutions from 75 watts to 8,000 watts.
  • Design and manufacture of AC-DC, DC-DC and DC-AC power supplies and systems. Power supply consultation.
  • Maker of R-core transformer, Toroidal transformer, E-I transformer, Reactors and power supplies.
  • Manufacturer of custom power supplies, UPS, battery chargers, inverters and voltage regulators.
  • Designs and manufactures custom high voltage and high power switching power supplies, capacitors, pulse-forming networks, subsystems and systems.
  • Manufacture of frequency converters, and specialist ac and dc power products.
  • Manufacturer of high power, AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies and TWT amplifier and transmitter solutions for military applications.
  • Develop, design and manufacture DC/DC converters, 5W-300W and AC/DC power supplies. Specialize in modified- standards and custom converters per customers specifications.
  • Manufacture of voltage converters and power supplies for both land and mobile applications.
  • Designers and speciality manufacturers of engineered industrial electrical (power electronic) power supplies.