Wholesale and Distribution, Finland

Wholesale and Distribution Finland Companies Worldwide
  • Trading polyurethane, polychloroprene rubber, release agents. Also into international trade of chemicals.
  • Wholesale distributor of chemicals and plastic materials. Clear, tinted, matte, opaque and expanded vinyls. Polypropylene film and sheet. High density polyethylene.
  • Distributor of natural and synthetic water-soluble polymers to the paper, textile, adhesives, and other specialty industries.
  • Plastics and chemical distributors with a focus on Ukraine. Other services include chemicals consulting, toll processing and warehousing for a variety of industries.
  • Distributors of silicone and silicone remover products. Also, a range of polymers and compounds, sealants, adhesives and caulks.
  • Distributors of a wide range of plastic films for covering and protective applications. Detailed product categories, with technical specifications and shipping
  • Manufacturers' representative. Custom design and manufacturing assistance for die casting, bevel gears, molded rubber and plastic parts, metal to plastic converting, and
  • Distributor of plexiglas, velcro, silicone and cutting boards. Supplies and equipment for the sign, graphic arts, printing, display, architecture, and contracting
  • Supplier of additives and low melt batch inclusion bags and film to the rubber and plastic industry.
  • Representative agency specializing in sales of plastic films, pressure sensitive products and custom coating and laminating services.
  • Distributors of brand name, specialty engineering thermoplastics. Detailed technical specifications and information on the various grades.
  • In-house plastics-only machine shop has full CNC capabilities to make parts from Vespel, Torlon, Ultem, or other engineering and high performance plastic materials.
  • Distributor of fiberglass, thermoset plastic resins, glass, carbon and aramid reinforcements, fillers and accessories.
  • Plastic trading company dealing in a range of plastic raw materials . Represent most commodity and engineering grade plastic materials.
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