Special Services, Finland

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  • The explosive demolition experts.
  • High Energy Metals, Inc. (HEMI) specializes in explosive welding.
  • Controlled building implosions, chimneys, bridges, piers, industrial structures, reinforced concrete, vessel cleaning, rock blasting, and any phase of explosive
  • Specialist demolition contractors,founded in 1946, operate on a national basis, specialising in demolition and dismantling works of a technical nature.
  • This website has been created to celebrate the art form as a whole. In the process, your visit will be educational and entertaining.
  • For over 30 years, the experienced team at Protec has provided specialized service to the blasting, construction and demolition industries.
  • Explosive Deslagging and Industrial Cleaning serving the Power Generating, Paper, Pulp and Utilities Industry.
  • Engineering company providing explosive cladding services.
  • Conventional and explosive demolition contractors.
  • Controlled explosive and mechanical demolition contractors.
  • Explosive boiler deslagging services available 24 hours nationwide.
  • Alabama based training company providing ammunition and explosive certification and explosive refresher courses.
  • CRAS is a non-explosive demolition agent produced by Kayati. Suitable for demolition and quarrying activities, Cras cement produces expansive stress on rock and concrete
  • Explosive demolition of all types of structures utilizing cutting edge technology and vast experience within the industry.