Corrosion, Finland

Corrosion Finland Companies Worldwide
  • Manufacture rust and corrosion inhibitors, rust preventatives, and vapor phase corrosion inhibitors. Spain.
  • Manufactures custom polyurethane and polyurea formulations for a wide range of industrial use. Description of the Isocoat products -primers and elastomeric coatings for
  • Description of the products based on 100% solids polyurethane to protect objects like pipelines, cooling towers and wastewater treatment tanks. Information on end use
  • This sector of SigmaKalon is dedicated to manufacture protective coatings for the marine and other industries. With an introduction to the fields of activities.
  • Manufactures and distributes variety of fillers, primers, and specialty coatings for broad range of applications. Also offers contract coating services. Site provides
  • Corrosion protection systems and services for steel, concrete and non-ferrous metals including lead waste management systems from Sigma Coatings, Ceilcote Corrosion
  • Producers of paint and waterproofing products. Product lines include roof and exterior wall coatings, decorative paints for interior walls and woodwork, and floor and
  • Produce hybrid polyurethane sprayed on non-corrosive coatings for storage tanks, sewers, and salt water equipment. Includes physical and chemical properties.
  • Manufacturers of epoxy corrosion protection coatings for use in the offshore, marine and industrial market. Includes material safety data sheets and safety
  • Manufacture and apply a range of organic and inorganic corrosion resistant materials for new and rehabilitation applications. India.
  • Supplies lacquers for coating of metal packaging for the food pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, as well as anticorrosive protecting system, isolation coatings for
  • Formulator and manufacturer of solvent-free epoxy, polyurethane, polyurea coating and isobutylene sealants for the internal and external protection of metal, concrete
  • Manufacturer of industrial strength sealers, direct to metal paints, elastomeric roof coatings, fleet finishes, high heats, waterborne coatings, urethanes, primers, and
  • An anti corrosion and anti rust company providing services and products.
  • Manufacture water-based, inorganic coatings that provide corrosion protection for steel components. Includes product brochures in pdf format.