Activated Carbon, Finland

Activated Carbon Finland Companies Worldwide
  • Manufacturing and exporting a wide range of activated carbon products.
  • Manufacturer of coconut shell activated carbon.
  • Offers activated carbon made from charcoal, fruit shell, wood slacks and coal.
  • Manufacturer of activated carbons, granules, and powered activated carbon. Technical summary regarding manufacturing process and company contact information.
  • Supplier of coal- and coconut-derived activated carbon and anthracite, offering products in powdered, granular, and pelletized forms. Primarily serves the Australia and
  • Manufactures activated carbon for industrial and nuclear applications, with specialty mercury removal product. Also designs and services filtration and solvent vapor
  • Producer of activated carbon in various grades in China, with products aimed at pharmaceutical, sugar refining, industrial and wastewater applications. Products derived
  • Manufactures wood- and coal-based activated carbons, including products activated by steam and by treatment with zinc chloride and phosphoric acid), as well as
  • A searchable database of information, products, services, and CAD drawings.
  • Manufactures and distributes granular, pelletized, and powdered activated carbon derived from coconut shell and coal. California.
  • Offers virgin and reprocessed carbons from various raw materials, as well as specialized filtration media and modular systems. Overview of products and applications.
  • Global producer of activated carbon in particulate and cloth form, as well as other process media and water treatment technology.