Employment, Finland

Employment Finland Companies Worldwide
  • Provides recruitment services to radio, TV and cable broadcasters, multinational media and entertainment conglomerates, record labels and major corporations developing
  • Worldwide media production staffing. Provides local film and video crews, directors, script writers, graphics staff; editing, production, post-production, webcasting,
  • A worldwide directory of official organizations of the performing arts, film and music industry and production and their professionals thereof.
  • Employment for film, television, recording, multimedia, and entertainment industry related companies.
  • Current and upcoming home video releases. Information on Disney DVD.
  • Forum for people pursuing professional careers in the music business; message board where music professionals share their experiences with newcomers.
  • Broadcast television recruitment and consultancy service in the UK.
  • The only talent agency exclusively for twins and multiples for print, TV and film.
  • A national audition resource for the music and performing arts communities.
  • Job listings in the Entertainment Industry
  • American touring youth circus and summer circus camps. Jobs available for big top tour, Smirkus camp and administrative.
  • Includes a section on resume tips and company information.