Training and Recruitment, Finland

Training and Recruitment Finland Companies Worldwide
  • Specialist suppliers to the military training and simulation industry.
  • Designs and manufactures simulation trainers for military and commercial customers.
  • Royal Navy training resources for various organisations.
  • Design, construction and maintenance of shooting ranges and military training facilities.
  • Test and evaluation of soldiers. Performance analysis, 'fightability' assessments and doctrine and training updating.
  • Tactical Force Protection specialists, instruction in Basic Close Quarter Battle (CQB, Conventional Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) and Small Unit Tactics
  • Aviation security training and allied services. Philippines based.
  • Technical recruitment for the defence, avionics and telecoms industries.
  • UK-based company specialising in the design and analysis of highly realistic simulation systems, including for the defence and motorsport industries, in order to
  • Australian company that designs and produces highly-realistic computer-based military simulations, based upon the de-facto industry standard VBS2 software engine.
  • UK based defence consultancy and provider of helicopter pilot and rearcrew services and training for military and civilian customers, including helicopter tactics
  • Specialist private military training company that delivers training and base protection services for governmental and corporate clients.
  • Swedish provider of training and simulation platforms for military customers, such as tank gunnery and anti-aircraft missile task-trainers and simulators.
  • UK based designer and manufacturer of artillery, mortar and air-defence training simulators.
  • Tactical training facility in Moorefield, WV, USA providing firearms, driving and other tactical training to military and law-enforcement personnel.