Military Transport and Combat Vehicles, Finland

Military Transport and Combat Vehicles Finland Companies Worldwide
  • Design and manufacture of camouflaged soft tops for logistics vehicles, high temperature seals and gaskets.
  • Manufactures ISO container / shelter handling and transport systems including M1022-A1 dolly set mobilizers and CLT container load trailers.
  • JV of Patria (Finland) and Alvis H\u00e4gglunds AB (Sweden) to market and distribute the AMOS (Advanced MOrtar System) and fighting vehicles.
  • Engineering solutions for the protection and mobilization of sophisticated electronic systems.
  • Trading and manufacturing of supplies, replacements, spare parts and components for armoured and fighting military vehicles.
  • Manufacturer, exporter for parts suitable to M113, M109, M110 series and other track wheeled military vehicles.
  • Main Battle Tanks (MBTs), armored combat vehicles and support equipment; including the Abrahms MBT, the Future Combat System (FCS) and the Pandur 6x6 APC.
  • Overhaul and maintenance of armoured vehicles and artillery. (Italy)
  • Specializes in armor integration and sub-systems for purpose-built vehicles and advanced mobility systems for U.S. defense applications.
  • Manufactures add-on armour, canteens and mine detection devices for military vehicles.
  • Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs), infantry fighting vehicles, combat support vehicles, heavy transporters and airport crash, fire and rescue vehicles.
  • Manufacturers of high mobility vehicles such as the Supacat 6x6 and supply of armoured vehicles.
  • Unmanned and manned ground vehicles, high mobility off-road vehicles and advanced active damper suspension technology.
  • Design and manufacture of high performance suspension systems and components for military vehicles.