Biodefense, Finland

Biodefense Finland Companies Worldwide
  • Manufacturer of mobile decontamination systems for NBC/WMD incident response.
  • Research, development and manufacture of novel technologies for the intelligence, defense and life science sectors.
  • Development of 'biodefense' instruments for military and commercial customers that monitor the air for pathogenic agents.
  • Bioterrorism and bio-hazards detection sensors and warnings systems.
  • Peer-reviewed scientific online journal covering the chemistry, toxicology and treatment of exposure to chemical, biological and radiological threat agents.
  • Research, development and manufacturing of products for the detection of bioterrorism-related threats.
  • Manufacturer of rapid detection technologies for mold and biothreat agents.
  • Research and development company focusing on detection and identification of biological agents.
  • Manufacturer and supplier of inflatable shelters for command posts, cbrn-protection and field hospitals.